Frequently Asked Questions

What attributes are imported?

From Etsy, Big Cartel or the CSV right now the importer runs as insert only and will create a new product entry in Storenvy with the Title, Description, Price for a default variant, status and the images.

How many products can I import?

Right now you can import your first 5 Etsy or Big Cartel products for FREE! If you upgrade, a low one time cost, you can import using Etsy, Big Cartel and CSV until you max out your 500 product limit on Storenvy.

Where are my images?

Images are imported from your Big Cartel, Etsy or CSV uploads but they do take time to be reprocessed by Storenvy for their marketplace. With so many images uploaded it can take a long time to get through the queue. Also consider will reprocess your images to make multiple sizes. After a few hours you can contact us if you don't see them show up. We recommend trying smaller batches.

If you check your import status anything in validating is waiting for the images to show up.

Can the Storenvy Importer update existing products in Storenvy?

At this time no. The importer is initially designed to make it easy to get started with Storenvy. We do hope to add more features to update and sync listings between shops more easily in the future.

There are duplicates, what now?

If you request the same product twice it will be duplicated in Storenvy since we just add new. We have a Manage Products page for you to delete multiple products at once.